Breast Reduction

A well-formed, full-bodied breast is a special beauty ideal, but if the breasts are too lush and overly large, the suffering of women is immense. Because oversized breasts can not only lead to physical discomfort such as postural disorders, tension in the shoulder and head area and headaches or limit the affected in their sporting activity, but also represent a strong mental stress. The desire for a breast reduction is therefore understandable.

In such cases, it is advisable and worthwhile to consider breast reduction. This can help to adapt the individual breast size to the desired body image and improve the appearance and the individual body feeling. In this way, the symptoms caused by size are alleviated and the self-esteem is strengthened, a breast surgery is absolutely effective in the case of appropriate complaints.

Further information on breast reduction

In addition to breast reduction in our clinic in Mainz, a breast lift and a nipple shift up to a new position can be performed to aesthetically enhance the décolleté and compensate for possible inequalities (asymmetries) between the two breasts.

Requirements before a breast reduction

Basically, esthetic breast surgery such as breast reduction can only be performed on a healthy breast, so it is recommended to exclude breast disease before surgery by medical examination.

Body weight should be optimized before surgery and stable, as later heavy weight loss can affect the esthetic outcome.

During the pre-examination for breast reduction, the breast is examined and scanned by your doctor. In addition, the height and diameter of the nipples are measured.
Surgical techniques for breast reduction

For the procedure of breast reduction in our Mainz FONTANA KLINIK different starting situations require different cutting techniques:

  • a vertical cut around the nipple (“keyhole pattern”)
  • a cut around the nipple, which runs vertically downwards with an additional short cut in the breast fold (“L-shaped”)
  • a cut around the nipple, which runs vertically downwards with another cut throughout the course of the breast fold (“T-shaped”)

Individual cut

Of course, what kind of cut management is the right choice for you? Dr. Niermann and his colleagues, after a detailed investigation, will explain in detail. The incision is dependent on individual factors such as size and volume of the breast, width of the breast base and skin condition. Your treating physician will always choose the incision so that any scars that develop are small and inconspicuous.

During the procedure, excess glandular and fatty tissue in the lower chest area is removed, then the nipple displaced upwards and possibly reduced in size. In some cases, breast reduction is associated with chest liposuction to improve the outcome in a very wide breast.

Patients are very satisfied after a breast reduction at FONTANA KLINIK in Mainz, because state-of-the-art procedures make the procedure safe, efficient and uncomplicated. Of course, your attending physician will discuss in detail and individually with you the general and specific risks that each surgical procedure naturally entails.


If you have any questions, you can always contact the experienced FONTANA KLINIK team. Here are all your questions about breast reduction and the sequence of breast surgeries answered in peace. Appointments are available on the phone: 06131 940690 or by email, by clicking here on our contact form. Contact us!

Patient opinion - breast augmentation:

"Dr. Niermann gave me good advice. He is very open and honest with the "problems" and explains what is realistic and well feasible. The surgery was as planned and the result made me very happy."

Patient (female), 40-49 years