Thread Lifting

A thread lift is a particularly gentle method of firming facial skin. The procedure is also particularly gentle, as it takes place under local anesthesia and the entry and exit points are clever and unobtrusive set. Naturally, at FONTANA KLINIK we would be pleased to discuss the method with you and answer any questions you may have. We also advise you on which of our various procedures for a facial cosmetic surgery is the most appropriate in your personal case. Depending on the facial region, we use different designed thread types of the premium brand “Princess” made of polycaprolactene. These guarantee a gentle application and are characterized by a particularly long shelf life.

A thread lift is appropriate for example for a good correction in the brow area, the forehead, the midface (Nasolabial and puppet folds, hanging cheeks) and the neck. Of course this procedure can be repeated  anytime and combined with other methods, for the best possible results, which you can be happy with. Because it is our goal, to give our patients the optimal all-round treatment, so you leave our premises with a smile on the face and a good attitude to life again!

Thread Lifting is a gentle small Facelift

Thanks to the gentle procedure, the course of treatment for the thread lift is also a gentle procedure for the patient. You only receive a local anesthetic and can therefore leave our practice shortly after the treatment. During the actual procedure, the special threads are inserted into the fatty tissue under the skin using a thin needle. These have small barbs that ensure that the threads settle in the subcutaneous tissue. The skin is supported and raised at the same time, which fills small wrinkles and tensions the skin. In addition, the procedure stimulates the body’s own formation of new connective tissue, in the form of a scaffold (collagen neo-synthesis), which then grows into the environment and cushions the skin in the desired location. The full effect occurs after about four to six weeks. It also stops when the threads dissolve after months themselves.

Since you are fully conscious during the treatment, you can express wishes so that the face can be modeled in the shape you want. The result is immediately visible, intensifies after the procedure and then stops long term, because the threads remain in place until they self-dissolve over time.

For a better overview, we have summarized the advantages of the treatment method for you here:

  • The thread lift is a minimally invasive treatment method.
  • The result is immediately visible and looks very natural.
  • Thread lift has a long shelf life and stimulates collagen formation, which makes the body form new connective tissue.
  • The treatment can be repeated as often as desired and combined with other procedures.


What should be considered after the thread lift

The recovery times are short, after the treatment you can leave our practice directly. As with any other surgical procedure, the thread lift also poses a risk of possible side effects, but this is very low.

Slight swelling and minor bruising in the area of the procedure quickly disappear and can be alleviated by the classic home remedies such as cooling with the help of a designated cool pack or make-up. In addition, after the procedure you should be careful to gently cleanse the face and not rub over the affected area. Depending on the size and type of surgery you should refrain from sports for a few days or weeks if necessary. To get a rough overview of what to look for after a thread lift, we have summarized the following points:

  • Cool immediately after the procedure the areas on the face that have been treated.
  • When sleeping, make sure that your head is raised as much as possible so as not to increase the swelling.
  • In general facial care, such as makeup or shaving, you should exercise caution and cause little friction.
  • In the following days and weeks, protect your facial skin, avoid sunbathing and protect your face with a high sun protection factor.

Any further questions about care and aftercare will be answered by our trained and competent practice team, contact us in a familiar conversation and learn all you need to know about the Fadenlift.


Thread Lifting in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Our trained specialists from FONTANA KLINIK are experts in their field – and our practice team works together to ensure that you feel well looked after by us. And that’s not just the case with the thread lift! We are your perfect partner for many different types of cosmetic surgery on the most diverse parts of the body – because we combine specialist knowledge, the latest technology and many years of experience with each other.

Also in the fields of breast surgery and general body surgery, we are experienced specialists and the suitable companion, if you are not satisfied with parts of your appearance. Of course we treat your request with the utmost discretion and professionalism, so you can put your trust in our work. Therefore, we would like to suggest that you simply contact us with your questions and your project, so that we can talk together about appropriate treatment. Please use our contact form by clicking here, or call our practice team at 06131 940690 – we look forward to hearing from you!


Patient opinion - breast augmentation:

"Dr. Niermann gave me good advice. He is very open and honest with the "problems" and explains what is realistic and well feasible. The surgery was as planned and the result made me very happy."

Patient (female), 40-49 years