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Abdominoplasty for a firm abdomen after weight loss and against excess skin

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Tummy Tuck in Mainz

Tummy tucks are now often performed: Narrow waist, tight stomach – this is in our culture as the ideal of an attractive body center. At the present time, however, a slim belly is important not only for women, but also for men. Especially after significant weight loss as a result of successful diets and sports programs or pregnancies, the muscles relaxes through the long-standing dilatation of the abdominal wall and does not recede.

A hanging, bulging abdominal area and skin lobes remain behind. Despite intensive, regular training of the abdominal muscles or massage, the change in skin and subcutaneous tissue can often only be influenced to a limited extent. It remains then the possibility to make a permanent tummy tuck.

Dr. med. Klaus Niermann

Specialist for aesthetic plastic surgery

Dr. med. K. Niermann, head physician of the clinic, has successfully performed a great many operations in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. With his extensive experience, he will be happy to assist you in your consultation. Take the opportunity to ask him all your questions about your desired appearance.

More information about abdominoplasty

Another reason for a tummy tuck may be a rectus diastase. It is the distraction of the straight abdominal muscles, it creates a tactile gap. This divergence is most pronounced in the umbilicus and is much more common in women than in men, as the strains on the abdominal muscles can be overstretched.

With a tummy tuck is the possibility, in addition to the physical training to adapt to the unpleasant, hanging abdominal region of the desired performance. This can be based, for example, on the tight abdominal wall of a slim, well-trained person.

For an aesthetically optimal result patients meet the best conditions, if they are already in good physical condition before the tummy tuck and if their fat deposits in the abdominal area as well as flaccid tissue, neither through training or diet.

If a weight loss or pregnancy is planned, the tummy tuck should be scheduled later, as the straight abdominals, which are surgically tightened, could otherwise stretch again.

Abdominal Surgery: What you should know

After a skin incision, running above pubic hair, and lifting off a larger area of ​​skin, your doctor will remove larger fat deposits and sagging tissue from the entire front abdominal area during the tummy tuck.

In addition, a tightening of the abdominal wall muscles, so the straight abdominal muscles, take place. These are approximated in the middle, tightened and fixed in their new position, so that a firmer abdominal wall and a narrowed waist are achieved. The previously dissolved skin area is pulled down again and excess skin is removed. The hidden navel is reshaped and positioned so that the scar is barely visible.

The classic procedure creates a scar in the area of ​​the bikini zone and also a small circumferential scar by dislocation of the navel, which is restored in an aesthetically-natural shape. In a partial abdominoplasty caused by the reduced incision smaller scars and the navel is not offset, since only the skin between the navel and cut is tightened. As a rule, a liposuction is performed in addition to the tummy tuck.

Your attending physician at the FONTANA-KLINIK in Mainz will of course explain in detail after a detailed examination, which procedure and which cut would be used for you, as this depends on various factors. The incision guide will always choose your doctor so that scars remain small and unremarkable. The result of the tummy tuck depends on the condition of individual factors such as skin, subcutaneous tissue and musculature.

About risks of a tummy tuck

Bruising and swelling may occur, but usually heal on their own. Wound healing disorders and infections in the wound area are very rare. If necessary, the latter can heal by treatment with suitable antibiotics. Unsightly scars with or without wound healing disorder can be counteracted with various therapies.

Of course, taking into account your individual background, your doctor will explain to you about general and specific risks of the surgical procedure. Patients are very satisfied with the result, as a tummy tuck is a safe, modern procedure that rarely complicates and the aesthetic result meets your needs.

Of course, we are happy to give you a detailed overview of the procedure of a tummy tuck and hope that we could arouse your interest. Before the treatment, however, a consultation remains irreplaceable, in which we can respond to your personal situation and ideas. Our experienced doctors are happy to answer your questions and work with you to create a personalized treatment concept for you. Only through this in-depth consultation, we can ensure that we optimally meet your desire for an attractive body center and the claim of the highest perfection.


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