Chin Correction, even without Surgery

As a specialist in aesthetic facial surgery, we are also your partner for gentle chin correction. After measuring your face, our specialists advise you on ways to realize your desire appearance .The chin as prominent part of the face contributes to the beauty and harmony of a face. In addition to surgical chin reconstruction or reduction, the are other gentle, noninvasive methods of chin correction.

Because of early mid-20, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles develop that you can of course treat with us at FONTANA KLINIK. Due to the metabolism, however, it is necessary to regularly repeat the therapies describe here for chin correction, as the various active ingredients are degraded over time

Using fillers, such as hyaluron or autologous fat, beautify the chin

The volume of a small or receding chin can be augmented and modeled with hyaluronic acid, Radiesse®, or autologous fat to create a harmonious facial image. These gentle and well tolerated methods for chin correction have prevailed. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that stores water in the skin and is an important component of connective tissue. If the body´s own neoplasm boosted by such an injection- see our website for more information on hyaluronic acid treatment.

Radiesse®, on the other hand, is a dermal filler and is injected under local anesthesia into the deeper skin layer of the wrinkle to fill it in and promote the body’s own formation of collagen.

Immediately after the injection, the skin in modeled with the malleable material, so first results are immediately visible. Over the next few weeks, the increased formation of collagen, which, like hyaluronic acid, binds the water in the skin. This gets a fresher, more vital look.

The third option of a gentle, low-risk chin correction is the use of autologous fat to re-model or build the shape of the chin. In a first step you have to remove the body’s own material on the thigh, stomach or buttocks. The centrifugation compresses the cell mass, which our specialist then injects into the wrinkles for smoothing. We freeze some of the fat cells for later necessary treatments with autologous fat, because not all transplanted cells fused at the treated site, but are degraded again.

Chin corrections: wrinkle injections

Known neurotoxins, such as botulinum, can be used to make loose skin look younger and fresher again. Of course, the proven and safe method for muscle relaxation is also suitable for chin correction. After local anesthesia, the drug is injected directly to the site to be treated, so that individual muscles are sedated. As a result of wrinkle injection, redness and swelling may occur in the area, which quickly heals by regular cooling.

Which method is most suitable for skin or wrinkle treatment on the chin can only be determined by a direct assessment of our specialists. Often a combination of different methods is available for an optimal result. So if you have any questions about the chin correction or wish a first consultation, you can reach our team of FONTANA KLINIK at any time by phone or via our form.


If you have questions about chin corrections or want to inform yourself about facial surgery, you can contact our FONTANA KLINIK team immediately. Here all your questions will be answered at full length. Please contact us.

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