Eyelid Surgery

Do you know this sentence: “You look tired – are not you feeling so well?”. But most of the time we feel really good, over the years only our facial expressions have lost a little bit of freshness. Eyelid tightening is an option if you want a fresh and vitality look!

Due to the natural aging process, wrinkles in the particularly thin and delicate skin of the eye area are visible. The eyelids are pulled down by the sinking skin and small pads of fatty tissue appear clearly in the lower eyelid. Eye bags are created and give the face an old and tired look.

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Small eyes can also be visually reduced in size by looping eyelids (drooping upper eyelids).

With increasing relaxation of the skin, the eyes appear almost completely covered. In addition to the strong restriction of the field of view, sliders often have a negative effect on their own well-being and social life.

Eyelid tightening in Mainz’s Fontana Clinic provides the opportunity to remove excess skin and flab in the eye area.

Unsightly slippery eyelids (upper eyelid) and puffy bags (lower eyelid) can be corrected.

It creates a visibly younger, fresher overall impression of your face – and you will see that your environment also takes note of it and you can count on positive reactions!

The eyelid surgery: OP without visible scars

Basically, the procedure for an upper and lower eyelid correction is the same:

During the eyelid tightening in Mainz FONTANA KLINIK, fine incisions are made – for the upper eyelid on the natural eyelid fold, the lower eyelid just below the eyelash line. Through the cuts, the epidermis is carefully lifted from the underlying subcutaneous tissue and musculature, redistributed and tightened, so that the bags under the eyes disappear.

Subsequently, any muscle defects may be corrected and excess skin removed. Your doctor will close the incisions with very fine sutures so that they are not visible on the outside.

In the event that you have only small flab under the eyes (“bags”) and no excess skin must be removed, it is possible to perform a so-called transconjunctival removal of the bags.

The incision runs in this procedure on the inside of the lower eyelids and leaves no visible scars.

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Possible risks of tightening the eyelids

Swelling and bruising may occur after eyelid tightening but are individually very different in extent and duration. Very rare are wound healing disorders and infections in the wound area.

Of course, your doctor will discuss possible general and specific complications with your personal background in detail in our Beauty Clinic in Mainz. Although these can never be completely ruled out, eyelid surgery / eyelid surgery is an intervention with a particularly low risk, so that the desired result is achieved safely, efficiently and satisfactorily.

If you have further questions, we will gladly advise you. Please note that an in-depth medical consultation is irreplaceable despite the information given here and also in our FAQs. Our experienced doctors will inform you in detail about the procedure and together with you create an optimal treatment concept for you and your needs.

We ensure that we meet your expectations of the treatment with a maximum of perfection – and you look awake and fresh again!


We are happy to advise you in detail. Arrange an appointment now at FONTANA KLINIK. There, all your questions about eyelid surgery or facial surgery are answered in peace. Appointments are available on the phone: 06131 940690 or by email, by clicking here on our contact form.

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