Upper Arm Lift

Orange skin or hanging parts – the natural aging process causes the increasing relaxation of the skin and subcutaneous layers, which you can treat for example with a upper arm lift here in Mainz.

A fast, heavy weight loss can also reduce skin elasticity. Lack of exercise, weak body musculature and age-related muscle mass increase this effect.

Excess skin and subcutaneous tissue occur on the upper arm insides. In this case, no liposuction alone will help, as the skin will no longer be firm due to the lack of elasticity. It comes to the so-called “Winke arms” or “Batman wings”.

The progress of an upper arm tightening

An upper arm lift is a modern, safe way to remove excess tissue and to adjust the upper arm contour to the desired body image to improve the appearance.

The incision in an upper arm is either crescent-shaped, L- or T-shaped, so that the scar lies hidden in the armpit or along the upper arm inside “hockey stick shape”.

Before surgery, the doctor will work with you to determine how much excess tissue he removes and which cut is best for it. For this purpose, he records the cutting guide on the upper arm, while the arm is held at a 90-degree angle by the body.

Of course, your doctor will explain in detail what kind of incision you are considering after a detailed examination. Because the cut in the upper arm is dependent on individual factors such as your skin condition and the nature of your connective tissue. Our medical team at FONTANA KLINIK always chooses the cut so that scars remain small and inconspicuous.

During the upper arm tightening, excess skin and excess fatty tissue together with the subcutaneous tissue is removed (dermo-lipectomy). The superficial connective tissue is used to fix the remaining skin in the armpit. As a result, you can avoid wide scars and the skin of the arm is also tightened to the armpits. Both the size of the cut and the amount of tissue to be removed depend on the sagging arm section.

Possible risks of upper arm tightening

Bruising and swelling may occur after upper arm lifting and usually heal itself after a few days to weeks. Other wound healing disorders are rare.

The risk of thrombosis or embolism is minimal because total body mobility is not restricted after upper arm tightening. Of course, our medical team discusses general and specific risks in detail and individually with you. The procedure of a upper arm lift is safe and efficient, so that the desired result can be converted easily into the deed.

If you have further questions regarding an upper arm lift, we will gladly advise you. Please note that an in-depth medical consultation is irreplaceable despite the information given here. Our experienced doctors will inform you in detail about the course of the procedure and together with you create an optimal treatment concept for you and your wishes. Thus, we ensure that we meet your expectations of the treatment and your idea of ​​tight upper arms.


Do not hesitate to ask for an appointment. So we can personally answer your questions about upper arm and plastic body surgery in peace. Appointments are now available on the phone: 06131 – 94 06 90 or by email, by clicking here on our contact form.

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"Dr. Niermann gave me good advice. He is very open and honest with the "problems" and explains what is realistic and well feasible. The surgery was as planned and the result made me very happy."

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