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Lip augmentation and lip injections are in vogue

How does a lip injection work? Where does the volume come from? What types of lip shaping are there? And everything important on this topic can be found here.

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Lip Injections in Mainz

Full lips have always been considered a beauty feature of young, vital women. For a good reason, because they only develop during teenage years, signaling femininity. It is not without reason that lipstick is probably the most frequently used make-up in women’s handbags.

Unfortunately, not every woman has full lips and unfortunately the volume decreases over the years. Here we can help with targeted injections of the upper and lower lips. In most cases, a natural hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin to increase the volume of the lips and used to build up the lips naturally.

What is a lip injection or lip augmentation?

The aim of lip enhancement is to create the ideal condition of full, symmetrical lips with a healthy red colour, because beautiful lips look youthful and appear sympathetic.

In contrast, thin lips often appear old, sullen and sometimes sad. Even though it is normal for lips to lose volume with age, appearing droopy and thin, it is sometimes perceived as a flaw. This can be remedied by lip injections, which provide more volume. This is why we speak of injecting the lips, or lip augmentation, because after the treatment, the lips not only appear fuller, but they are also slightly enlarged.

Right technique

With the right technique, asymmetrical lip shapes can be evened out, crooked lips straightened or a blurred or smudged lip contour restored or refined. This is what is known as lip modelling.

The reduction of possible wrinkles on the upper lips, as they appear in the course of ageing, can also be perceived as a pleasant side effect of lip injections.

What are the different types of treatments for the lips?

Modern plastic surgery, starting from the reconstruction of parts of the mouth disfigured in war, fire or accidents, is developing more and better treatments for people’s changing aesthetic desires. Thus, there are now a variety of methods in which the lips are corrected, also in the course of other applications.

  • Gummy Smile
  • Bull Horn Lift
  • Lips implant (silicone)
  • Mouth corner suspension plastic (Valentine plastic)
  • Drooping corners of the mouth

How can you recognise a good technique?

For a satisfactory result, it is important to maintain the natural proportions of your lips. Because the undesirable Duck Face (inflatable lips) looks so unattractive not only because of the unnatural lip size. Inexperienced users pad the upper lip too far because they lack the training and experience. This creates the impression of a duck’s beak, which does not generate much sympathy. Our doctors, on the other hand, attach great importance to a natural technique that takes the individuality of the patient into account. Particular attention is paid to the fine contours of the lip edges, as well as the appropriate volume.

Why is the Fontana Clinic the right address for lip injections, not only in Mainz?

One of the main focuses of our specialists at the Fontana Klinik is the aesthetic and plastic correction of the face, including facial surgery.

This ranges from complex facelifts and wrinkle treatments to lip injections. Accordingly, the entire team has been working with injectables, especially fillers, for many years. Constant workshops, further training, membership of professional associations and new techniques, as well as new products, keep us up to date. Our claim is happy patients and a natural, individual result. We will be happy to convince you of this in your personal consultation.

Lippenunterspritzung mit Hyaluron

What do I have to consider before a lip injection?

  • You should not have any dental treatment 14 days before the treatment and come to the treatment without make-up.
  • If you have an infection such as a cold, herpes, etc. two weeks before the treatment, call and postpone your appointment.
  • Ten days before the treatment you should avoid painkillers with blood-thinning effects such as Aspirin©.
  • Treatments with Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers in the same region within one session are unfortunately not possible. A minimum interval of two weeks is advisable for your safety.
  • The hyaluronic acid usually lasts 6 – 8 months in the lips. Regular injections support the natural lip structure with the effect that the respective volume can be somewhat reduced in the subsequent treatments.

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