Lip Injections

Full lips have always been considered a beauty feature of young, vital women. For a good reason, because they only develop during teenage years, signaling femininity. It is not without reason that lipstick is probably the most frequently used make-up in women’s handbags.

Unfortunately, not every woman has full lips and unfortunately the volume decreases over the years. Here we can help with targeted injections of the upper and lower lips. In most cases, a natural hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin to increase the volume of the lips and used to build up the lips naturally.

Lip special until 22.2.2020

Take advantage of our favorable lip action, this year until after Carnival. For only € 222.22 you get here a lip injection with high-quality brand hyaluronic acid by the specialist. Talk to us for your personal appointment.

Patient opinion - breast augmentation:

"Dr. Niermann gave me good advice. He is very open and honest with the "problems" and explains what is realistic and well feasible. The surgery was as planned and the result made me very happy."

Patient (female), 40-49 years