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The Fontana Clinic has been the specialist clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery in the Rhine-Main area with personal care for over 40 years.

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Fontana Clinic Mainz for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

FONTANA KLINIK was founded more than 40 years ago as a special clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery in Mainz, Germany. From the very beginning, FONTANA KLINIK was able to establish itself as one of the first addresses for cosmetic surgery in the Rhine-Main area.

The treatment spectrum ranges from plastic surgery, such as facelift and breast surgery, to minimally invasive procedures, such as injections. The FONTANA KLINIK sees itself as a fine address for patients who are not completely satisfied with their appearance and are looking for a specialist who will prepare an individual treatment plan to eliminate these dissatisfactions.

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Get to know the Fontana Clinic in the following video

The Fontana Clinic in Mainz is a specialist clinic for aesthetic and plastic surgery. Accompany us in our daily clinic routine. Get to know Dr. K. Niermann, our head physician, and his team as they work with our patients. Follow us into the operating theater and take a look at some of the results of our work.


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Treatments and Plastic surgery at the Fontana Clinic

The spectrum of treatments at the FONTANA CLINIC focuses on aesthetic and plastic surgery. All of the independently operating doctors are qualified specialists in aesthetic plastic surgery. This ensures that patients are treated by experienced experts.

The spectrum at the Mainz location includes all medically tested and proven methods for modifying the shape and appearance of the human body, insofar as these do not lead to any disadvantages for the patient. The classic focal points of the Fontana Clinic in Mainz are breast enlargements, facelifts, hair transplants and liposuction. Some time ago, intimate surgery and buttock augmentation were added as further specialities.

Facial Surgery & Facelifts

Who doesn't want to look as young as one feels?
For this we offer wrinkle treatments, facelifts, eyelid lifts, nose corrections and many other surgical and minimally invasive treatments.

The Fontana Clinic, with its specialisation in facial treatments and facial surgery, helps you to achieve a naturally fresh appearance. Because our face is the reflection of our soul. Normal ageing of the skin, combined with the slackening of muscles and connective tissue, causes our face to age, but environmental influences should also not go unnoticed.

Breast Surgeries

Breast augmentation is one of the operative core topics of Dr. med. med. K. Niermann, which he has been performing regularly for many years. He can increase the volume with implants or with the body's own fat.

Everyone agrees on the great importance of the breast for the female well-being. But only a few, like Dr. Niermann, also have the necessary medical experience and human empathy to perform a breast surgery aesthetically pleasing so that the patients are satisfied afterwards.

Prerequisite for a successful breast surgery is a detailed prior consultation, in which wishes, ideas and physical conditions with the operationally advisable are shaped into a plan and discussed.

Haar Transplantation

The loss of hair is associated with age. An aging process that can be distressing if appeared early. But lost hair can be compensated visually well by the transplanting of own hair.

Dr. med. Niermann was very enthusiastic about this method very early on and has therefore established his own hair transplant team at FONTANA KLINIK. In this treatment, hair is taken from where there are enough, mostly from the densely hairy back of the head. After a complex procedure, these hairs are then planted where they are missing. On the forehead, the receding hairline or on top of the head.

Body Surgeries & Liposuction

Plastic surgery has always been concerned with the aesthetic shaping of the body. The aim is often to make the body appear slimmer and more dynamic. This involves liposuction, tightening the skin on the arms, legs and abdomen. But also intimate surgery and lifting and enlarging the buttocks.

To offer fast and predictable solutions, Dr. med. K. Niermann specialized in liposuction a long time ago. The suction of excess fatty tissue, he performs not only on the belly and hips, but also on the arms, legs, buttocks or neck and chin. He also uses the new Water jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL).

Dr. med. Klaus Niermann

Qualified specialist for aesthetic plastic surgery

Decisive for the success of medical treatments and surgery is the training and experience of a doctor. Dr. med. Klaus G. Niermann, a qualified specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and head physician of the Fontana Klinik GmbH, works under the motto "Through experience and perfection to natural beauty". Dr. med. Klaus Niermann stands for many years of experience and competence both in the field of plastic aesthetic surgery and in reconstructive and hand surgery.

Visit us in Mainz or Wiesbaden

We conduct consultations at three locations. In particular in Wiesbaden and Mainz. But also in Nuremberg. Our aesthetic treatments are carried out at all three practices, while surgery ist performed at our clinic for plastic surgery in Mainz, the Fontana Clinic, only.


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