Fontana Clinic Mainz for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

FONTANA KLINIK was founded more than 25 years ago as a special clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery in Mainz, Germany. From the very beginning, FONTANA KLINIK was able to establish itself as one of the first addresses for cosmetic surgery in the Rhine-Main area.

The treatment spectrum ranges from plastic surgery, such as facelift and breast surgery, to minimally invasive procedures, such as injections. The FONTANA KLINIK sees itself as a fine address for patients who are not completely satisfied with their appearance and are looking for a specialist who will prepare an individual treatment plan to eliminate these dissatisfactions.


In addition to breast augmentations, Dr. med. K. Niermann specializes in facial surgery. At any time visible, a lot of experience and sensitivity as well as the appropriate surgical technique are required.

One of the “royal performances” of plastic surgery is the facelift. Visible to everyone, the surgeon requires a lot of experience, mastery of various techniques and a good imagination for harmonies and proportions. That's why an experienced surgeon like Dr. Niermann seeks for each patient an individual solution. It is based on the wishes of the patient, the physical conditions and the operative possibilities. You can find out more about this on the facelift pages or at a consultation appointment.

Breast augmentation is one of the operative core topics of Dr. med. med. K. Niermann, which he has been performing regularly for many years. He can increase the volume with implants or with the body's own fat.

Everyone agrees on the great importance of the breast for the female well-being. But only a few, like Dr. Niermann, also have the necessary medical experience and human empathy to perform a breast surgery aesthetically pleasing so that the patients are satisfied afterwards.

Prerequisite for a successful breast surgery is a detailed prior consultation, in which wishes, ideas and physical conditions with the operationally advisable are shaped into a plan and discussed.

Here you can read more about breast augmentation at FONTANA KLINIK or let us have you on a personal appointment.

Frequently performed breast surgery:

Mainz is a city of enjoyment. Good food, good wine and Mainz carneval are world famous. Not everyone manages to work off the tracks athletically. Especially since the causes of fat deposits can be completely different.

To offer fast and predictable solutions, Dr. med. K. Niermann specialized in liposuction a long time ago. The suction of excess fatty tissue, he performs not only on the belly and hips, but also on the arms, legs, buttocks or neck and chin. He also uses the new Water jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL).

You can find out more about liposuction in the Fontana Clinic on the homepage, or during a personal consultation

The loss of hair is associated with age. An aging process that can be distressing if appeared early. But lost hair can be compensated visually well by the transplanting of own hair.

Dr. med. Niermann was very enthusiastic about this method very early on and has therefore established his own hair transplant team at FONTANA KLINIK. In this treatment, hair is taken from where there are enough, mostly from the densely hairy back of the head. After a complex procedure, these hairs are then planted where they are missing. On the forehead, the receding hairline or on top of the head.

Intimate Surgery

For many an issue. For the FONTANA KLINIK a new form of expression of mostly female self-determination. Because the intimate area is directly connected to the pleasure center, it is hardly surprising that its aesthetics can also have a major impact on wellbeing.

More about intimate surgery can be found on the website of FONTANA KLINIK, or you can best advice in person.

As a patient at the Fontana Clinic in Mainz

Our patients are at the center of all efforts at FONTANA KLINIK. Anyone who approaches an employee of FONTANA KLINIK wishes to be taken seriously, treated in a friendly manner and given comprehensive advice before the treatment begins. You can measure us by that. Call, make an appointment and see for yourself.

Each treatment is based on personalized advice and needs. In a detailed discussion, the wishes and questions of our patients are discussed against the background of their personal situation and life planning. We take our time for this. With us you will not experience the hustle and anonymity of a mass enterprise. Afterwards, we will develop and introduce the individually tailored treatment concept with you. Thereafter, together with our patients, it is determined how much time and money can and should be invested in the treatments in order to achieve the best individual and feasible result.

If you decide to undergo surgery, this can be done in FONTANA KLINIK on an outpatient or inpatient basis. Bright, friendly and modern furnished single or double rooms are available for our patients. You are welcome to have the premises shown to you beforehand and to state your wishes for your meal.

Just give yourself a consultation. Call us or fill in the following contact form. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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    Patient opinion - breast augmentation:

    "Dr. Niermann gave me good advice. He is very open and honest with the "problems" and explains what is realistic and well feasible. The surgery was as planned and the result made me very happy."

    Patient (female), 40-49 years