Breast Lift

Excess skin is tightened during breast lift surgery

Here you can find out for whom a breast lift is suitable, how this type of breast surgery works, what is important during the operation and who conducts it.

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Breast Lift in Mainz

Loose and hanging – such a sight of the naked breast in the mirror and the appearance without bra many women feel as unpleasant. An operative breast lift can be the solution here and ensure that you feel well again in your body.

As you grow older, a woman’s breast naturally changes. For example, by the loss of skin elasticity, the effect of gravity and other, more individual factors, such as a change in weight or pregnancy and lactation.

Both shape and strength change and the chest hangs. While this does not lead to physical problems, it can result in psychological distress and negative impact on self-esteem and sexuality. We understand well when women are interested in breast surgery to actively shape their body

Dr. med. Klaus Niermann

Specialist for aesthetic plastic surgery

Dr. med. K. Niermann, head physician of the clinic, has successfully performed a great many operations in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. With his extensive experience, he will be happy to assist you in your consultation. Take the opportunity to ask him all your questions about your desired appearance.

Breast lift at a glance

An operative breast lift offers the opportunity to lift and reshape hanging breasts. Deep nipples are also placed higher in a youthful position. With a breast lift in the FONTANA KLINIK in Mainz, a rounder shape and improved firmness are achieved. The ability to breastfeed is not limited after the procedure.

If breast augmentation is desired for small, sagging breasts at the same time, this can be achieved by inserting silicone implants during breast lift surgery.
Operations techniques for breast lift. Depending on the extent of relaxation, various techniques are used in the context of surgical breast lift.

Three ways to operate on an breast lift

Of course, after a detailed preliminary examination, your doctor will explain in detail which cut is suitable for you, as it depends on various factors. The incision of the operative breast lift will always choose your doctor so that scars remain small and unremarkable.

Basically, there are three ways of cutting in a breast lift:

  • a cut circular around the nipple
  • a cut around the nipple, which runs vertically downwards
  • a cut around the nipple that runs vertically downwards with another cut to the side

Quality breast lift in Mainz Fontana Clinic

The surgical procedure of a breast lift is highly efficient, safe and low in complications and achieves very good results. Of course, your doctor will discuss general and specific risks in detail and individually with you.

If you are interested, we are pleased to advise you. In a detailed consultation with our doctors in our beauty clinic in Mainz, you can of course clarify further questions about breast lift. Based on years of experience and taking into account your individual situation, your doctor will create a treatment concept that suits you personally.

An in-depth consultation on breast lift in FONTANA KLINIK in Mainz by our experienced doctors enables us to offer you the highest level of perfection so that you will be satisfied with your new, firm curves.

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