Forehead Lift

People who habitually frown or look distressed by poor vision can have deep wrinkles at a young age and find it disturbing. Even through the natural aging process, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. Sunlight, rapid diets or innate factors can speed up this process.

The eyebrows can sink and the skin on the upper eyelids becomes wrinkled. The face gets an annoying, sad, old or tired expression.

A forehead lift is a safe, gentle procedure to eliminate these problems. The skin is toned and the forehead muscles adjusted. In addition, the eyebrows can be raised. Even a facelift or eyelid lift can help.

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They look younger again, fresher and visibly less worried.
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How does a forehead lift work?

In the conventional open brow lift, a cut from ear to ear behind or along the hairline is tightened and tightened skin, muscles and tissues.

Excess skin is removed. The procedure is ideal for patients with older and tired skin, to smooth out pronounced, transverse forehead wrinkles.

Another method is endoscopic brow lift, which uses an endoscope in appropriate cases. There are only 4 very small cuts behind the hairline necessary. The frontal skin is released from the inside, lifted and fixed in the new position. The procedure is less invasive and is suitable for younger patients whose skin still has enough elasticity.

Before the procedure, your hair is braided to expose the scalp. The hair does not have to be cut.
The classic brow lift

The incision in a forehead lift usually runs behind the hairline from ear to ear. With a very high forehead or backward hairline, the cut is placed along the hairline to avoid further forehead bumps. Of course, the cuts are set so that scars remain inconspicuous.

Of course, your doctor will explain in detail which cut is optimal for you after a detailed examination.

During the procedure, the frontal skin and forehead muscles are lifted off the periosteum. Your doctor removes excess skin and smoothes the forehead muscles. Finally, the cut is sewn together and created a head bandage.
Endoscopic, forehead lifting without scars

There are 4 small cuts placed behind the hairline. Through these cuts, the attending physician guides an endoscope under the forehead, muscles and periosteum. The forehead muscle is partially detached from the bony forehead and then moved upwards.

To fix the eyebrows in the desired position, the forehead soft tissues are fixed to the bony skull with up to 4 mini fixings. The attachment may vary in height depending on the extent of wrinkling. A skin excess does not have to be removed as this is compensated by the elasticity of the entire scalp upwards. Finally, the cuts are closed and a head bandage created.

The key benefits of endoscopic brow lift are very small, inconspicuous scars and faster healing compared to the conventional method.

Of course, your doctor will explain in detail which foreheadlifting procedure is optimal for you after a detailed examination, as this depends on individual factors such as skin elasticity.
What are the risks of a forehead lift?

As with other surgical procedures, bruising and swelling may form, healing itself. There may be limited mobility of the eyebrow. Of course, the attending physician will determine the cause by a detailed examination. The sensation in the operating area may be diminished or deaf.

Already after 2 to 4 weeks the sensitivity normalizes completely. Very rarely, hair loss can occur in the areas of the scalp where the endoscope has been inserted or the incision has been made.

All in all, a foreheadlifting is a low-risk, gentle procedure for a long-lasting result.

In an in-depth consultation before the procedure, of course, your attending physician will explain any possible risks to your personal background.

Our qualified doctors will discuss both procedures in detail with you and design a suitable treatment concept for you.

Only in this way can we ensure that we meet your expectations with the utmost in perfection and that you are visibly satisfied with the result of the forehead lift – you do not have to worry about anything else!


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