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Facial treatments in the Fontana Klinik Mainz

Here you will find an overview of the most important treatments we offer as part of our facial surgery to make you look the way you want.

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Facial surgery and treatments in the Fontana Klinik Mainz

Who does not want to: look as young as you feel.

FONTANA-KLINIK specializes in facial surgery, giving you a naturally fresh look. Because our face is the reflection of the soul. And whether we want it or not, time leaves its mark. Normal aging associated with weakness of muscles, connective tissue, fat deposits and wrinkles causes our face to age, but smoking and excessive exposure to the sun does not go unnoticed either.

Deep furrows, slack muscles and tissue make the face look tired – just when you feel younger and more active, the face makes an undesirable impression.

Dr. med. Klaus Niermann

Specialist for aesthetic plastic surgery

Dr. med. K. Niermann, head physician of the clinic, has successfully performed a great many operations in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. With his extensive experience, he will be happy to assist you in your consultation. Take the opportunity to ask him all your questions about your desired appearance.

More about our spectrum of facial surgery

The look in the mirror is shunned and it often creates psychological problems that have a negative impact on self-esteem and social life. This is where modern aesthetic medicine can help and with its extensive range of services it also offers the right treatment for you.

You can also take advantage of our further information on facelift, eyelid pexy, brow lift, rhinoplasty, ear correction and chin correction.

Get closer to your ideal of beauty

The entire FONTANA-KLINIK team would like to find your way to your rejuvenated appearance, which underlines your natural beauty, as pleasant as possible. From the first consultation to aftercare, we look after you with great commitment. For all your questions, our doctors and staff are your competent contact persons. This way, you always know that you are in good hands.

Already in a first detailed consultation you have the opportunity to express your wishes and to ask questions. Our qualified doctors give you comprehensive advice on your options for getting a younger and more vibrant look. So we make sure that you are satisfied with the result.

Taking into account your individual background, the attending physician creates a gentle therapy plan together with you so that it is transparent for you. We advise and inform you about your individual treatment options, taking into account specific factors such as your current state of health. We make sure that you can understand each step of the treatment, because of course you make the necessary decisions, for example, in the choice of anesthesia. During the subsequent procedure, your experienced doctor will always choose the incision so that scars that are as barely visible as possible remain behind.

The focus of our specialized clinic is facial surgery

Trust in our professional hands, since the focus of our practice is, in addition to the breast, facial surgery. Due to our competence, which is reflected, among other things, in the mastery of modern treatment methods, you leave our clinic with an optimal result. Our rooms not only have a feel-good atmosphere, but also have modern technology. In doing so, we are guided by our high sense of responsibility and our claim that you feel well in your own body again – that’s what we stand for.

Feel free to contact us and get to know us and our clinic better. Because we attach great importance to an individual care in which you are in the center and all our attention is yours.

Treatment Focus:

To give you an overview of the FONTANA CLINIC regular face treatments at a glance, you will find our most common plastic surgery in this section: For all treatments, you can find more information by clicking on the appropriate heading.

Eyelid Correction

The firming (pexy) of eyelids are performed very frequently to create a fresher, less sad and overall younger look of the face. Hooded eyes or tear trough bags can be removed by eyelid corrections well. Sometimes eyelid corrections are also combined with facelifts. For example, an upper eyelid lift with a lift of the forehead.


Face lifts refer to facial rejuvenation techniques. It is not always the entire face lifted, but often only those parts that are particularly important to you. That is why we carry out all facelift types at FONTANA KLINIK: forehead lift, brow lift, midface lifting, cheek lift and the classic full-face lift. Depending on the application, different methods are used, such as: SMAS facelift, thread lift or vamp*ire lifting, which works on purified blood.

Wrinkle Treatments

A face without wrinkles would certainly be unnatural. But as wrinkles increase with age, not everyone wants to have more wrinkles than the age they feel. Wrinkles are reduced by different types of wrinkle treatments that have been tested and applied for a long time: injections with botulin*um, hyaluronic acid as well as peels or microdermabrasion.

Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is a common side effect of aging. The sooner it starts, the more disturbing it becomes. A hair transplantation helps in which your own hair, usually from the dense hair ring on the back of the head, is transplanted to where it is missing, for example on the forehead and temples.

Chin Correction

The chin plays an important role in the harmony of a face. The profile of the chin does not always match the desired appearance, with it being very dominant, or falling flat. The deficiency or excess of soft tissue or bone can be compensated with different methods. On our chin correction pages, you will learn more about chin reductions and chin augmentation e.g. with an implant.

Rhino Surgery

Not every nose meets the aesthetic requirements that one places on oneself. Often, one’s own nose is perceived as too big, too small, too long, too short, too pointed, too wide, too bent or too shallow and experiences glimpses of others as unpleasant. Rhinoplasty is a very common aesthetic procedure for altering the shape or improving the function of the nose. Internal incision techniques avoid visible scars. And with fillers we can often perform nose alterations without surgery.

Ear Correction

The ears are hardly noticeable on most people. Depending on the hairstyle, even slightly protruding ears can be concealed well, provided you wear longer hair. But even more prominent ears can be adjusted with a medical ear correction, i.e. they can be tucked in. But we can also correct other deformities and asymmetries with plastic surgery.

Scar Treatments

Scars are caused by injury to the skin. Most small scars heal and disappear on their own. But depending on size, mechanism of trauma and disposition, scars can remain visible. Especially after burns of the skin, but also with scar proliferation, only professional treatments help to relieve pain, tension or achieve visual improvement. We have several methods available for you to learn more about on the Scar Treatment page.

Forehead Lift

The forehead is in constant motion every day, along with the eyebrows. Depending on the mood, wrinkles appear. If the elasticity of the skin decreases, the wrinkles remain visible. This can be remedied by injections or a forehead lift, which permanently tightens the skin, soft tissue and even the muscles.

Lip Injections

Beautiful, full lips are the trend to radiate feminine attractiveness. If you naturally lack the desired volume, we can help you achieve the desired size and shape with hyaluronic acid. Lip injections are minimally invasive and relatively low-risk, and last over six months.

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