Laser Hair Removal in Mainz

Hair removal with the laser will permanently stop hair growth on the affected part of the body. Almost the entire body is covered with hair. But unlike on the head, both men and women feel the hair in many parts of the body rather than unpleasant, because it does not meet every ideal of beauty. Meanwhile, many women regularly remove their hair on legs, on the bikini area or under the armpits, while men are more likely to have areas such as the back, chest, abdomen or forearms.

In the case of increased hair growth, hypertrichosis in technical terms, sufferers suffer from particularly strong and dense hair. Reasons lie in hereditary diseases, in hormonal over function, but also in side effects of drugs or anorexia. In all cases, hair removal with home care products such as shavers or epilators takes a long time, but only lasts for a very short time.

Permanent Hair to Remove increased hair growth

Whether for aesthetic or medical reasons, a permanent hair removal with the laser helps to smooth skin – permanently. This hair removal is possible on almost all body parts. A particularly low-pain, cost-effective and long-lasting hair removal is made possible by the innovative Intense Pulse Light Technology (IPL).

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Permanent Hair removal with Laser

For Hair removal in our clinic in Mainz FONTANA KLINIK we use Intense Pulse Light Technology (IPL). With the help of the IPL laser hair removal without anesthesia is possible and there is hardly any redness or swelling. Thanks to the adjustment options, our specialist adapts the visible light spectrum to the treatment area and skin type, so that only hair and not the surrounding tissue is addressed.

In IPL treatment, the light pulses from the laser are absorbed by the melanin of the hair. The energy of light is converted into heat and warms the hair root. For example, laser removal also obliterates hair whose roots are particularly tight or located deep in the skin, such as on the back or in the genital area. Successfully desolate hair will fail after 3 to 20 days and will not grow back afterwards.

Since the sclerotherapy is only possible in the growth phase, the technical anagen phase, the hair and this never affects all hair simultaneously, several sessions must be made for a complete removal. These should take place at intervals of several weeks. During this time, however, existing hair grow much slower and thinner after. The duration of a session depends on which part of the body is being treated, so hair removal with the laser on the upper lip is significantly shorter than on the legs.

Requirements for hair removal with laser

For best results, neither waxing nor epilation should be done before and during treatment. The same applies to sauna or solarium visits. Hair removal with the laser is possible from the age of 16, but in any case pregnancy must be ruled out.

Further prerequisites, possibilities or limits should be clarified in an individual consultation. Because many aspects, such as medication, allergies and also the own skin and hair type, play an essential role for the treatment. Therefore, your attending physician will discuss in detail and individually with you the conditions and the procedure of hair removal with the laser. Of course, we answer all questions before and after hair removal with the laser in our Mainz beauty clinic.

Better skin appearance through laser hair removal

In addition to long-term hair removal, the treatment also has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin. For example, skin irritation may occur during shaving. But also benign skin changes, such as pigments, vascular changes, couperose or acne, are weakened by the light pulses and the tissue is stimulated in return to a thermal reaction. After several treatments, the entire skin appears much firmer, fresher and finer.

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