Gynecomastia: Breast Surgery for Men

Most males want a powerful, strong breast! However, men who have a male enlarged mammary gland suffer from a female form of the breast. This so-called gynecomastia can occur both on one side and on both sides. A breast surgery in FONTANA KLINIK allows the breast to be adapted to the desired body image.

During adolescence, such a temporary change in the breast is not uncommon in boys. This usually forms completely back again. Unfortunately, the reasons for the occurrence of gynecomastia in adult men remain unclear. Potential causes include altered liver function or the intake of estrogen-containing medications. Very rarely can a tumor trigger gynecomastia.

Further information about gynecomastia

In such cases, it is recommended to do a breast correction by gynecomastia surgery. Such an intervention may help to remove the increased mammary gland tissue and achieve the appearance of a male, flat breast.

Requirements for a gynecomastia operation

In case of obesity, the weight should be reduced before the intervention through diet and sports training and the incidence of gynecomastia should be reduced.

It is always advisable to rethink one’s own behavior and to change it if necessary. Otherwise, after successful gynecomastia surgery, the appearance of the breast may change again.

Small risks with gynecomastia treatments

As with other surgical procedures, bruising and swelling of the chest can occur after a breast correction, which usually heals on its own after a few days to weeks.

Of course, your doctor will discuss general and specific risks in detail and individually with you in advance. The gynecomastia surgery for the purpose of a breast correction is highly efficient, safe and low in complications, and achieves good results.

If you are interested or have further questions about gynecomastia surgery, we will gladly advise you and arrange an appointment for a consultation with our doctors.

Based on years of experience and taking into account your individual situation, your doctor will create a treatment concept that suits you personally.

Only in-depth advice from our qualified doctors ensures that we can offer you the highest level of perfection and you are satisfied with your new, male breast!


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Patient opinion - breast augmentation:

"Dr. Niermann gave me good advice. He is very open and honest with the "problems" and explains what is realistic and well feasible. The surgery was as planned and the result made me very happy."

Patient (female), 40-49 years